Faces Of The Day


Zimmerman and Martin with the races changed, from the Tumblr “While Seated” by Michael David Murphy.

The effect of race on acquittals in self-defense cases and with Stand Your Ground laws can be seen here. Update from a reader:

That FOTD  just blew my mind.  So powerful.  Just sitting with it and being mindful of my own feelings and emotions, it’s amazing how deep-seated and unconscious some cultural and societal prejudices can be.  Images like that bring them into consciousness though, which is the first step toward eradicating them.  I’m emotionally shaken in a way I haven’t since this whole Zimmerman trial began, just imagining how different that hypothetical case would have played out.  Could you imagine O’Reilly/Rush/Hannity’s rage in the unlikely event that an acquittal took place?  Or their smug satisfaction when (far more likely) the black Zimmerman got the death penalty, and “justice” was done?

Ugh, I need to go take a shower.