Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green


The International Olympic Committee has changed its drug-testing policies to disqualify marijuana smokers for “in-competition” use only. The new threshold for testing positive, 150 nanograms per milliliter of blood, is 10 times higher than the previous version, leading NORML’s executive director to remark that only a “pretty dedicated cannabis consumer” would reach that level on game day. Jess Remington comments:

The goal of the new rules is to catch marijuana users who are competing under the influence, rather than those who smoked days or weeks earlier. In other words, the [World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which regulates the Olympics] is now treating marijuana like alcohol.

Following suit, the UFC changed their marijuana rules to match the WADA’s just three weeks later. In response to these changes, state athletic commissions have met to discuss raising the marijuana threshold for combat sports. “My personal feeling is that I would much rather focus on obvious performance-enhancing drug use like steroids and blood doping,” Nick Lembo of the Association of Boxing Commissions said. “If I was a trainer, I would much rather have my fighter fighting someone who took marijuana than someone who’s blood doping.”

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