The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

On this summer weekend, we explored, with a little help from Shakespeare, the contradictions of love; and, with a little help from Aquinas, the ineffability of God. A small, meaningless rebellion broke out among a few musicians against Spotify; and the ancient Egyptians’ most treasured aphrodisiac turned out to be lettuce.

A Jesuit priest left the church to escape hierarchy and all its attendant corruptions. A woman home-schooled into fundamentalism decided eventually that freedom was her God now – and was all the more precious because of the psychological prison she had been reared in.

I loved this essay on race and America – particularly poignant in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy – and this lovely reflection on how hard it is to live empty days.

The most popular post was on how marijuana can be a gateway drug to winning Olympic medals (and the presidency); and my thoughts on race, sex and empathy.

See you in the morning.