Every Single Single

A Pethead critically examines every PSB single. I’ve read so much dreary, dumb criticism of the last album “Elysium” that I think I’ll have to defend it when I get around to actually reviewing “Electric.” Elysium is a sublimely beautiful series of laconic reflections on getting older. The second is well, Chris Randle gets it:

“Calling Neil Tennant a bored wimp is like accusing Jackson Pollock of making a mess,” Robert Christgau once wrote, back when they were known for irony rather than sincerity. But the two have always been complementary in Pet Shop Boys songs, scabbard and shield. “Vocal” begins at the other end of the party “Being Boring” looked back on, a rave anthem that anticipates its own recollection: “Expressing fashion, explaining pain/Aspirations for a better life are ordained.” Yet when the synths build up to Tennant marveling “everything about tonight feels right and so young,” the only distance in his 59-year-old voice is the kind that accompanies reverence.