You Think “Weiner” Is Bad?

A reader has that surname beat:

This is not an exact parallel to the Weiner case by any, uh, measure, but in the pre-Internet 1980s, Nashville once elected a mayoral candidate who, once he was in office, left his wife (she was his third) and before his divorce was final, became engaged to a cabaret singer named Traci Peel. For a few months, Nashvillians had a mayor who was married and engaged at the same time.

Ms. Peel promptly gave an interview to a local newspaper in which she confided that she and the mayor had just enjoyed “seven hours of passion.” Shortly afterward, the duo appeared on a national broadcast of the “Donohue” show, during which the mayor played harmonica as his fiancée belted out a version of the country staple “Rocky Top,” And then, in an interview, he blamed all of his troubles on the media sensationalizing his private life.

This amazing politician’s name? Boner. Bill Boner.

The man had more balls than the current Speaker of the House.