You Think “Weiner” Is Bad? Ctd

A reader can top Bill Boner:

One can’t discuss unfortunate politician names without mentioning Ft. Wayne’s former mayor Harry Baals – and the shameful cowardice of not naming a building after him.

Seen above. See if you can avoid snickering. Another reader:

When I was in the infantry I had a platoon sergeant named Boner. Sergeant First Class Boner.

Army life involves plenty of roll calls, standing idly in formation waiting for your name to be called so you can sound off with “present” or “here” or “hooah” or something along those lines. And so people conducting a roll call would regularly try to throw our sergeant a bone, hesitating briefly before pronouncing his name as “Bonner” or “Boehner” or even “Boneer.” But this guy owned it, every single time, cheerily correcting them with “It’s pronounced Boner.” Sometimes he would mischievously add “Boner, as in” and then trail off.

Truly an NCO you could follow into hell.