The Clintons vs The Weiners! Ctd

Readers join my jaw-dropping reaction to the Clinton camp cutting down Weiner and Abedin:

What’s far worse is that Huma worked as a close, long-time aide for Hillary, so these comments must add to her pain greatly. How dare people compare the great Hillary Clinton to the lowly little staffer Huma? Imagine Huma reading that? After years of being Hillary’s aide, it must be a kick in the face, right at the time when you need your friends the most. Well, you know what this means: Hillary’s running for president.

And as ruthless and self-obsessed as ever. Another reader:

Chutzpah indeed. And then we have the typically Clintonian betrayal of their friends. This whole article from 2010 in the Washington Post is all about how Abedin is Clinton’s right-hand woman. Money quote:

“I have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would [be] Huma,” Clinton said at a pre-wedding celebration for Abedin and Weiner in 2010.


I hope you are aware that Bill Clinton actually officiated at the wedding of Abedin and Weiner? If that’s not enough to put your jaw through the floorboards … !


The only thing your post about the Clintons, Huma, Weiner and Maureen Dowd was missing was this vintage paragraph from MoDo’s June 2003 review of Hillary’s memoir:

Bill is bookended in history by Monica’s plea to him in a note: ”I need you right now not as president, but as a man” and Hillary’s explanation of why she stuck with him: ”As his wife, I wanted to wring Bill’s neck. But he was not only my husband, he was also my president.” It makes you wonder whether Hillary would have forgiven Bill if he were merely her United States trade representative.

Another dissents:

The story is suspect and thinly sourced and gossipy and even feels fabricated. It’s tabloidy, NYPost sort of fluff junk. You elevated it beyond its credibility and importance.

Another elaborates:

I think you need to chill a bit on this. Lumping Hillary and Bill in with what the press now calls “the Clintonistas” and what you referred to as “the Clinton machine” is very close to a smear.

You linked to a story in the NY Post, which you have called “unreliable” and a “disgrace” and suggested was guilty of “crimes against journalism” in the past. There isn’t a single source identified in that piece that can be verified as being close to Bill or Hillary; “a top state Democrat”?, “another prominent Democrat”? PUH-lease.

This idea of some dark group of Clinton loyalists who are busy conspiring together and worrying about the NY mayoral election is a bit far-fetched. How many people would the NY Post be willing to call “a prominent Hillary Rodham Clinton political operative” if it fits their narrative? I bet there are hundreds who could fit that label over HRC’s 25-year national career.

An even better question: how many of them are working for Christine Quinn right now?

And in the NYT Dowd piece you quote, you inserted the word “Clintonista” in parentheses [ugh], when clearly it was referring to people in Huma Abedin‘s circle of friends commenting about her drawing the wrong lesson from Hillary.

Please think about correcting on the blog.

I’m sorry but I’ve been around Washington for quite a while and the sudden flurry of anonymous Clinton friends suddenly trashing Huma and pounding Weiner is not a vast Clintonista conspiracy, but it is classic Clincestuous spin. Another reader:

Do you think that, if Hillary runs in 2016, her female supporters will overlook her complicity with her husband’s lies and her own lies from Bill’s presidency because they want to shatter the glass ceiling? Will they see any irony in what the Clintons are doing now to try to force Weiner to pull out (har har) and will that factor into how they cast their vote in a potential primary or general election? Probably everyone will forget about this chutzpah by the time a campaign rolls around in 2015.

I think we ought to have a woman President, just as we ought to a have Latino, Asian, Native American, or gay, etc. President. I just don’t ever want the Clintons back in power. Kind of like the Bushes, can’t they go away and leave us alone?

They won’t, because this is what they have always lived for.