Boycotting Their Own Relevance

Sahil Kapur reports that an “effort by Democrats to fix a glitch under Obamacare that harms small churches is widely expected to be blocked by Republicans, in what would be the latest example of GOP efforts to undermine President Obama’s signature legislative achievement by refusing to fix technical problems encountered during implementation.” Chait argues that this sort of obstruction is going to harm the GOP in the end:

If [organized interests] go to Republican elected officials seeking a solution, they’ll be told they won’t get any because Republicans are holding out to repeal Obamacare. There’s only one party that will be endorsing practical solutions. Republicans will be completely locked out by their insanely spiteful refusal to work within the contours of the new health-care law.

Over time, circumstances change, and more and more people and groups are going to need some kind of legislative adjustment in health-care law. That’s just how laws work. It’s how everything works — a company that creates a new product can’t keep the product exactly the same forever.

The Republicans’ Obamacare boycott will increasingly render the party useless for an expanding list of constituencies.