The End Of The E-Book Boom?

Nicholas Carr flags a report from the Association of American Publishers that shows just a 5% increase in e-book sales during the first quarter of 2013:

[T]he anemic growth of the electronic market calls dish_ebooksalesinto question the strength of the so-called “digital revolution” in the book business. E-books now represent about 25 percent of total book sales, a healthy share but still a long way from dominance. The AAP findings are backed up by a new Nielsen report indicating that worldwide e-book sales actually declined slightly in the first quarter from year-earlier levels.

Carr wonders:

[I]ntriguing, to me, is the possible link between the decline in dedicated e-readers (as multitasking tablets take over) and the softening of e-book sales. Are tablets less conducive to book buying and reading than e-readers were?

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