Breaking Bread, Ctd

A reader writes:

I loved the post on Holy Communion.  As you may know, or have gathered if you read the comments on the piece you linked to, this issue of “communion without/before baptism” is hotly debated in the Episcopal church. The “official” polity of TEC is that “all baptized Christians” are welcome to receive, but like the authors you cited, some practice a more radical hospitality at the Lord’s table.  Because we have no centralized authority, practices vary widely.  In my diocese (Washington), the bishop supports open fellowship and it is practiced in many congregations, including my own. But in others, bishops have told priests they will be barred from celebrating the Eucharist is they are “caught” engaging in open communion.

Personally, I adopt a simple rule of thumb for debates like these: when the arguments in your church begin to sound like those between Jesus and the religious authorities of his day, try not to come down on the side of the Pharisees.