The App Of Your Eye

Ruth Davis Konigsberg points out that, while adults try to limit their kids’ media use, a parent’s own gadget habits are the greatest influence:

For as much as I forbade [my kids] from using electronics, I was awash in them. Two phones (one work, one personal), two laptops (one work, one personal), an iPad and an iPod. With six digital delivery systems for one person, it was inevitable that my kids would start to mimic my own habits, regardless of what kind of limits I thought I was setting. I was the one who ordered a Magic Tree House book on Kindle for iPad, not them. I was the one letting my son practice his math facts on my computer.

When I was a kid, my parents kept our TV in the hall closet, to be brought out for one hour on weekends. As much as I may want to at times, I can’t stash my work iPhone behind the winter coats.