Keeping Your Drink Safe

Tara Culp-Ressler praises DrinkSavvy, a company developing cups and straws that change color in the presence of “date rape” drugs Rohypnol, ketamine, and GHB:

[Company founder Mike] Abramson’s product is in contrast to some deeply-ingrained societal attitudes about dish_drinksavvy sexual assault — most notably, the idea that it’s women’s responsibility to avoid “dangerous situations” like going out to bars and drinking too much alcohol — that foster a victim-blaming rape culture. When victims come forward about being raped, whether or not they were drinking alcohol at the time of their assault often comes under scrutiny. Sexual assault prevention programs often suggest that women should just be more careful by going out in groups, making sure they don’t leave their drink unattended, and refusing to accept drinks from strangers.

Refreshingly, a cup that detects date rape drugs removes this dynamic. Rather that expecting women to bear the burden of assuming their decisions will provoke a sexual crime against them, DrinkSavvy simply gives them the power to avoid ingesting sedatives without their consent — no matter who gave them the drink and how long they may have taken their eyes off of it.

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(Photo by DrinkSavvy)