The Best Of The Dish Today

by Chris Bodenner

Readers scrutinized the outrage from Greenwald and Andrew over the detention of Glenn’s partner at Heathrow airport. Ambinder also criticized the use of Miranda as a courier, but Andrea Peterson came to Glenn’s defense. Regardless of Miranda’s role, the destruction of Guardian computers by UK officials was unconscionable.

Over to Egypt, Adam Shatz sensed a counter-revolution, Douthat reassessed the realpolitik approach from the US, and Bobby Ghosh questioned our preoccupation with the country in the first place. Meanwhile, Qatar-based Al Jazeera debuted on American shores.

Despite getting shot by black teenagers in hoodies (coincidentally on the same dangerous block next to Andrew’s apartment), Beutler refused to let the trauma affect his opposition to stop-and-frisk. Bouie and Chait criticized felony disenfranchisement laws and voter ID laws. Readers continued to share stories of their grieving pets.

The VFYW contest was particularly tough this week, and the daily VFYW was particularly popular on Facebook. Brendan James thought through the antihero trend among serial TV dramas like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad (a cinematographic tribute of which is seen above).

In case you missed Andrew’s parting thoughts from Sunday night, they’re here.