Not From The Onion

by Chris Bodenner


The latest survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, provided exclusively to TPM, showed an eye-popping divide among Republicans in the Bayou State when it comes to accountability for the government’s post-Katrina blunders. Twenty-eight percent said they think former President George W. Bush, who was in office at the time, was more responsible for the poor federal response while 29 percent said Obama, who was still a freshman U.S. Senator when the storm battered the Gulf Coast in 2005, was more responsible. Nearly half of Louisiana Republicans — 44 percent — said they aren’t sure who to blame.

Update from a reader:

This is clearly an opinion poll designed by liberals to generate headlines. If the poll question was written in good faith, there would have been more than two options and those options would have only included people who were directly involved with the response to Katrina, including the governor and the mayor. As stated, the question amounts to “Whose fault is it that New Orleans was devastated: A guy you like or a guy you don’t like?” I would assume that most of the people who answered “Obama” either meant “Democrats in general” or “screw you for asking such a slanted question.”

It still shows how partisan hatred trumps everything else.