The Best Of The Dish Today

by Chris Bodenner

Syria coverage dominated the Dish today. Despite incredibly low support from the American public, Obama appeared to want a limited war, which would probably be the worst of both worlds – committing US force but not enough to stop Assad. And the president seemed to have no clear foreign policy strategy in general. A reader interjects:

What I want to know is how we’re paying for this bombing in Syria. Last I heard, the Republicans expect to shut down the government by refusing to up the debt ceiling. So how do we have extra money to go flying around the world?

My son is in the Army. Because of the sequester, he’s borrowing money from us to pay for his education, even though being able to afford that on his own was his main reason for joining. He was originally told his troop might go to Africa, then that was called off – now it might be back on. So what I want to know is what is the Army going to hit us up for next – his airfare home? Most of his battle buddies don’t have families who could pay for that. How do we have money for a symbolic bombing?

Also, as the debate over chemical weapons as a red line in Syria continued in force, news surfaced that the CIA was complicit in Saddam’s use of sarin gas. Ugh.

Meanwhile, readers shared stories of embryo donation, testified to the high rate of smoking among the Chinese, and introduced sexism to the thread on childhood classics. This week’s window contest was a tough one. The only bit of good news on the Dish today was a marked decrease in homelessness – but even that looks precarious. Best to just look at these beautiful mountains for a while, or some fragmented art. Or just watch the above MHB on repeat.