The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #169

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A reader writes:

Looks Mediterranean. One yacht has a Greek flag. Cars approaching the parking lot are driving on the lefthand side of the road. Based on Google maps it looks as though Larnaca, Cyprus has a bay with a view of the Turkish side of the island like this.

Another guess:

Marseille, France? This looks like the pier that was under construction the when I was visiting a friend there in 2011. It’s hard to tell because I haven’t been back since. The cars are European. Are those Les Îles in the background?

Another is more confident:

This view is from the hills above the dock for boats coming across the Gibraltar Strait to Tangier, Morocco. It is actually about a 45-minute taxi ride from the city itself. The buildings to the right are Customs.


I got as far as identifying the ship in the background (a Royal Caribbean vessel) and figuring out where it had been lately, but couldn’t for the life of me determine which of the many ports it had visited had yielded this photo. I’m going to go with Split, Croatia (though it could be Naples, or anywhere in that general area, really).

Another gets the right country:

My first impression was Caribbean, but then I thought, “What if it’s not?” – and my brain went straight to Greece. Now to settle in to the real work. I’m pretty confident that the cruise ship is the Splendour of the Seas (and wasn’t that a fun exercise, all on its own), which seems to run from Venice, Italy, to Croatia and to a few stops in Greece. I’ve given up searching the Greek islands for a pier that looks like this one. It’s a holiday, and I’m not going to spend it all on the search. I’m just going with Corfu.

Another island:

That is a RCCL Cruise ship and as they are using the tender, obviously a very small port. I couldn’t read the ship’s name so went on to cruise ship tracker and saw that the Serenade of the Seas was in port in Fira on the island of Kritko Pelegos, Greece earlier today.


It’s been years since I was there, and the harbor looks like it’s grown, but it has a familiar feel to it. It would be the quay below the town of Phira facing the caldera of the ancient volcano that erupted in the 15th century BCE. Phira is the capital of the Greek island of Santorini, also known as Thera. The view is toward one of the islets that emerged in the 20th century CE, perhaps Therasia.

Another gets the right island in Greece:

This must be an easy one because I think I actually got it. It’s a view of the Old Port in Mykonos, Greece.  I even found a very similar photo here. However, I cannot determine the name of the building I think it was taken from.

Another goes for the right building:

This week’s picture is taken from a window near the cruise berth in Mykonos. I could not find what I think is the building, but for the sake of guessing I’ll say it’s the Harmony Boutique Hotel. I’ve attached a photo circling two places I think it could be taken from, though it’s hard to tell without street view/pictures:

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.20.52 PM

I found the location because of the cruise ship. The emblem on the smoke tower, or whatever one calls that, is Royal Caribbean. With the help of my mom (who knows cruise ships better than I do), we figured it was an older one cruising through the Eastern Mediterranean. And right we were. Not sure if it’s the Splendour or the Legend of the Seas, but both are older and run cruises through Mykonos.

Another zooms in further:

I used to enter this contest a dozen times and never got any where (with the exception of Boston, my hometown – but so did a million other people).  I once correctly guessed Hastings-On-Hudson without having been there, but never entered the contest.  I’m pretty convinced about this one: Mykonos Greece. I’ve added a Google maps satellite picture with all the elements in place; the open air enclosure; the trees along the street; the dive that zigs at the end of the wharf; the small rocky island of MPAOS; and the larger island of Rinea behind it:



I was just in Mykonos not a month ago. The tricky part with this week’s challenge, not unlike the planning of my trip, is that there is no Google street view on that island, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint the precise location. I’ve included my best guess at a location, which I guess would be at the following coordinates: 37.451196,25.328979. Location is SSE of the Bank of Cyprus Building and NNE of the Harmony Boutique Hotel (and might in fact actually be taken from that location).

Another gets the right hotel:

I did the best geometry I could and I think I can identify the building. My best guess is that the it’s part of the Porto Mykonos Hotel complex, which is certainly on the other side of the little road, with the tower and the pool.  Since Frommers says “be sure not to get the back rooms, as they look into a parking lot” when describing the Porto Mykonos, and the bulk of it is right next door, and it has weathered white pane windows in some rooms, and they most certainly are not bragging about that view on their website, I’ll give it that guess.

Details from the submitter:

It was taken last week in Mykonos, Greece from my window at Porto Mykonos Hotel. The hotel is made up of scattered structures on a hill, so they’re like townhouses. My room was Room 137, which is a 1st floor room (not ground floor). And I was there on holiday. My room had excellent views of the sea, especially at sunset, but the passing cruise ship caught my attention while I was getting dressed for the beach. Let me know if you need more info. This is so exciting! I’ve had three VFYW pics posted before, but never for a contest!!

No one guessed the exact room number, but out of all the previous correct guessers who haven’t won a contest yet, three guessed the right floor. One of them writes:

The view is of the Old Port above what looks to be the bus and boat terminal.  A little google-fu tells me this is the Porto Mykonos Hotel.  This picture from Room 128 seems pretty close:


Just a note to add that my family and I, though separated by hundreds of miles, love playing the contest every week.

That reader has only entered two contests overall, but the following two readers have each entered nine:

I have a feeling you’ll get a lot of correct responses on this one. The picture was taken from the Porto Mykonos Hotel in Mykonos Town, Greece. Given the photographer’s position relative to the ferry pier, I think the room number is somewhere between 120 and 126. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship passing by is the Splendour of the Seas. The ship underwent structural modifications in the fall of 2011, and the picture was taken after those were completed.

The other reader is much more detailed, so we are going to award the razor-thin tiebreaker to him this week:

This is a view from a guest room window of the hotel Porto Mykonos, in Mykonos, Greece.  My guess is room number 124, since a view I found from room 128 was slightly to the south.  I attached two fuzzy pictures with first a sighting line, then an arrow pointing to the probable hotel room.  Also attached is the view I found from room 128 on TripAdvisor:


As usual, I think I only get these when they are easy.  My initial take on the view was that it was somewhere in the Mediterranean, based on the olive trees, the calmness and color of the water, the appearance of the islands, and the EU appearing license plates on the cars.  Since the cruise ship was anchored out, the cars were all small, and the shadows indicated a western view, my first guess was a country in the eastern Adriatic.

Before trying to find it by scanning with Google maps (especially since my internet is so slow), further research was in order.   The cruise ship seemed like a good place to start.  Aha, there seems to be a logo on the ship’s funnel.  It took me awhile to find the company, probably because it seems improbable that Royal Caribbean has ships in the Mediterranean.   Then I tried to figure out which of their ships it was.  This was not made easy, since the ships pictured on their site seem to be intentionally poor, missing or consisting of only representative sketches.  I then looked for their Med itineraries, and worked backward from there.  It turns out to be the Splendour of the Seas.  It’s interesting that most images I found of this ship do not match the one in the window view; it turns out that updates have been made recently to add a whole row of balconies to one level.

Then I just walked through the itineraries for this ship and looked for a west pointing pier with two islands off its end. Et voila!