The Best Of The Dish Today

Syria, Syria, Syria. And six posts worth reading.

My rant from last night; the joke on the Hill; why did Assad do it; Washington vs the American people (and the Brits); and Obama’s internal conflict.

If that has made you feel as nauseated as it did me, you may need a little Southern weed, or a pint of Guinness or a trip to the beach. Late this afternoon, I did the latter up here at the end of America. It was a day with all the visual intensity of fall and all the warmth and gold of summer. It was so beautiful it strained the eyes and filled the lungs.

The most popular post was “That Sickening Feeling“. The second most read was “Washington vs the American People.”

I have to say that photo of John Kerry is haunting me. What on earth has become of his face?

Know hope. And see you in the morning.