Guess Which Buzzfeed Piece Is An Ad? Ctd

Just a little nugget of news I missed last month from the phenomenally financially successful site, Buzzfeed. It has a new feature called a Listiclock, which was developed, of course, with Pepsi. Anthony Ha recently marveled at it:

Every 10 minutes, the minute display will show a list that’s specifically sponsored by Pepsi — apparently, these lists are supposed to be “‘unbelievable,’ fun, and amazing” but aside from a few mentions of Pepzi Next, I’m not sure most readers will be able to detect a big difference between a normal BuzzFeed list and sponsored piece like “10 Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know About.”

Ya think? Then this little gaffe:

This isn’t the first time BuzzFeed has offered a new way to navigate the site as part of an ad campaign, either — a couple of months ago I wrote about the site’s “Flight Mode”, which was promoting GE Aviation’s presence at the Paris Air Show. BuzzFeed President and COO Jon Steinberg told me that ideas often pass back-and-forth between the company’s ad side and editorial side, and that he’s actually interested in exploring a non-sponsored, desktop version of the Listiclock.

At what point will Jonah Peretti acknowledge that it’s all advertizing-as-entertainment and be done with it?