The Best Way To Help The Syrian People

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry advocates granting asylum to all refugees who apply:

Even from the most cynical perspective, you can and should view tragic conflicts such as Syria as moments where countries and regions are selling their human capital on the cheap, and where opportunistic buyers should swoop in to take advantage of the bargain. Sweden has recently said that it would grant asylum to all Syrian refugees who apply. The US should do the same. As Hayes suggests, the model here should be the expedited procedure that the US grants to Cuban refugees. Welcoming Cuban refugees has been the right thing to do and a boon to America’s standing in the world, its economy and its culture. It was the right thing to do then, and it’s the right thing to do for Syria now.

Lydia DePillis agrees:

To actually alleviate the refugee crises in Jordan and Lebanon, the United States could dramatically increase the number of people it accepts from Syria. Sweden has already accepted 14,700 since 2012, and just threw open its doors to all comers. If a country with fewer than 10 million people can handle tens of thousands of refugees, surely the U.S. can, too.