“The Last Acceptable Prejudice”

S.E. Smith wants to retire the term. Smith is frustrated that it has been used to describe “fat hatred, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism,” among myriad other issues:

This ‘last acceptable prejudice’ rhetoric is highly divisive, creating huge gaps between communities that could be working with each other to accomplish common goals. The fact is that prejudice, period, is widely accepted in society and culture, and this is what needs to change. Fighting all prejudices is important, and considering a variety of strategies and groups in that fight is critical. We must be aware, too, that because prejudices and oppression are variable, a one-size-fits-all strategy will not work. We gain nothing by trying to isolate prejudice into scores of its own little boxes; if you will forgive a Harry Potter metaphor, this ‘last acceptable prejudice’ stuff ends up splinching people as they’re torn between various aspects of their identity and experience.

Do you want to tell a disabled gay woman that fat is the last acceptable prejudice when she’s endured disability hate crimes and homophobic taunting? Would you like to tell a young Black man that sexism is the last acceptable prejudice in a country where being young and Black is grounds for being shot, by police and civilians alike? What are you accomplishing with these statements, other than sending a clear signal that there’s only one community you care about, and that is your own?