The Growing Opposition To War

Syria Pew Poll

The latest from Pew:

Over just the past week, the share of Americans who oppose U.S. airstrikes in Syria has surged 15 points, from 48% to 63%, as many who were undecided about the issue have turned against military action. By contrast, the share of Americans who support airstrikes remains virtually unchanged: Just 28% favor U.S. military airstrikes against Syria in response to reports that its government used chemical weapons.

Nate Cohn notes “the total collapse in Republican support”:

Back in April, when Pew asked voters whether they would support strikes if Syria used chemical weapons, Republicans were pretty supportive; 56 percent were on board, compared to just 24 percent opposed. By last week’s Pew Research survey–now simply asking voters whether they would support strikes now that Syria had used chemical weapons–Republicans were basically divided. But today, Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed by a 49 point margin, with just 21 percent in support and 70 percent opposed. There hasn’t been similar movement among Democrats.

Ed Morrissey parses a CNN/ORC International poll:

The only good news for Obama in this poll is that a majority of respondents say that their votes in the midterms won’t be impacted by the vote on the authorization (57%).  However, among those who will take that into account fourteen months from now, sentiment runs nearly 3:1 against at 11/31.  It’s 4:1 among independents at 9/36, and 5:1 in the West (7/38), where Democrats hoped to make gains against Republicans with social-libertarian policies.