The Best Of The Dish Today

Red Bank-NJ-525pm

It was a riveting, fascinating day in world affairs. First came Kerry’s gaffe – which we now know was airing out loud what the Russians had already told him earlier. Lavrov pounced and an entirely new paradigm emerged. Meanwhile, public opposition to a new war – even an “unbelievably small” one – remained solid and showed signs of surging. The opposition of so many Independents – more than Republicans – exposed how politically untenable a military strike would be.

Today, the president seemed prepared to take a serious yes for an answer from the Russians and no for an answer from the US Congress.

Today’s window view reminds me why I love this feature so much: just a beautiful image of normality.

The most popular post of the day, by far, was Kerry Gaffes; The Russians Blink; next up: Patience, Mr President. Patience.

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