Pynchon In Profile, Ctd

Penguin has released a trailer for Thomas Pynchon’s forthcoming novel, Bleeding Edge:

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Margaret Eby captions the video, calling it “bizarre” and “entertaining”:

On Tuesday, The Penguin Press released a five minute video clip that features a young, schlubby dude sporting novelty sunglasses and a t-shirt that reads “Hi, I’m Tom Pynchon” explaining the mores and manners of the Upper West Side. “Listen, I mean, they call me the king of the Upper West Side,” the Pynchonian figure says, surveying the Manhattan skyline. “I mean, I kind of see myself more as an all-seeing eye. A power player from the margins. Kind of like Karl Rove, if Karl Rove were liberal and Jewish. Just ask my doorman.”

Alexander Nazaryan adds:

Penguin Press has released a trailer as strange and intriguing as the book it purportedly promotes, with an actor traipsing around the same “Yupper” West Side where Pynchon lives and his latest fiction is set. In fact, Bleeding Edge isn’t even mentioned until the actor on screen calls Maxine “a grade A MILF.”

Biblioklept’s take:

I don’t know, I’m guessing this is intentionally awful. I mean, book trailers are supposed to be awful, right?

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