The Best Of The Dish Today

As the dust settled from the remarkable decision by the Russians and the Syrians to secure and destroy Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal, I asked: who got played? Any student of Machiavelli would suspect it was Putin who got the bad end of the deal, even as he preened and postured as the victor. And the quixotic campaign to coax the US to somehow take responsibility for that sectarian bloodbath – let alone resolve it – is shown by history to be close to insane. There has never been a peaceful or non-sectarian Syria, largely because it was designed by the British and French to be the seething mess it is. And nation-building Syria is about as intelligent as nation-building in Iraq.

But the Dish is never about politics alone: we also covered the poignancy of Johnny Cash; the role of crystal meth in the tragedy of Matthew Shepard; the life of Norma Holt; an astonishing short film on aging; and the beard of the week!

The most popular post was Machiavelli’s take on Putin’s swagger; and the latest neoconservative illusion artist.

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