Analog Sex Work

Despite the immense popularity of digital sex online, phone sex is still around. A one-time operator reflects:

Most of the calls I receive are different than what most people imagine phone sex to be like. While some calls are dudes who want to spend less than ten minutes with a verbal assist for their masturbatory needs, the vast majority seek extended conversations on kink and fetishes. My callers tend to dig deep to share intimate memories of their first exploration into kink or to talk about the first glorious woman who dominated them. The conversation often meanders into dating, into my work as a pro-domme, into mutual interests and how we discovered the joys that can only come with making someone beg for a good ball-kicking.

The conversation tends to turn actively sexual when we begin sharing our favorite memories from Folsom, or the best cuckolding experience they have ever had, or as they detail their yet-to-be-fulfilled fantasy…if it turns sexual at all.