A Reading Rainbow


Artist Jaz Parkinson creates rainbow charts of books by counting the mentions of color in each text.  On the example seen above:

Also known as Apocalypse, The Book of Revelation is glamorously frightening as a Colour Signature. Gold, white, blood, jewels, and fire.

More about her process:

To create a colour signature, I read through the text, and whenever a colour is evoked in the mind, it receives a tally. I am interested in human interaction with objects and visual references (such as text), and how it changes through the process of this interaction, in this case, becoming a tangible colour in the mind. After the novel is finished, I order them through a spectrum as best and aesthetically pleasingly as I can, which is often tricky because some novels omit entire hues. I then use each tally as a ‘unit’ (in Photoshop), and draw the chart up accordingly. As a result each colour signature in this collection is completely unique to its corresponding novel.

(Hat tip: Smithsonian.  Image by Jaz Parkinson)