The Best Of The Dish This Weekend


Two great passages stood out for me this weekend: Flannery O’Conner’s writer’s prayer and Philp K Dick’s definition of the authentic human. And one image: Seamus Heaney’s tribute to a woman with whom he once peeled spuds. He just perfectly captures an image – “our fluent dipping knives” – from my home growing up. Alice offers her appreciation of Heaney’s greatness here. I second every word.

Then: the horniness of dolphins and the appeal of spanking; how humor helped defeat Hitler; and how Chagall painted Jesus.

The most popular post of the weekend was my case for how Putin just got played by Obama, with a little help from Machiavelli; and my post on how Syria was designed to be ungovernable, except by tyrants.

See you in the morning.