Beards Of The Week


The Age Of The Hairy Us is indeed upon us. Boston has the best record in baseball this season (NYT), but more importantly, they have the most facial hair:

The Boston Red Sox take their craft seriously. Catcher David Ross owns a special comb. First baseman Mike Napoli has reached a level of forestation so impenetrable that a family of squirrels could be living on his face. And pitcher Andrew Miller has stayed true enough to the cause that he said his wife had “given up the battle.” The Red Sox have done two things exceptionally well this season: play baseball and grow beards. … For the team, beards have become more than a hobby. “Baseball players are superstitious,” Miller said, “and it seems to be working.”

Hence the rise of beard-tugging:

Detroit Tigers Vs. Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park

The new home run celebration involves yanking on them like a church bell. “I’m pretty sore,” Mike Carp said after his game-winning grand slam against the Rays last week. “I just got 25 or 26 tugs.”

Tomorrow is “Dollar Beard Night” at Fenway Park, where admission for the bearded is just a buck. Tug on …

(Photo: After yet another Red Sox home run, this one in the bottom of the eighth inning by Mike Napoli, right, he gets the beard pulling treatment from teammates Jonny Gomes and David Ross as he comes back to the dugout. By Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images.)