Can Obama Pull A Reagan On Iran? Ctd

M Hashem Pesaran believes failure is not an option for Rouhani’s diplomatic efforts:

If Iran and [the P5+1] do not take full advantage of the current opportunity, the consequences are likely to be even more serious than if the status quo had simply gone unchanged. While the general international reaction to Iran’s new chief executive has so IRAN-POLITICS-EXPERTS-ROWHANIfar been favourable, a lack of progress over the next few months could create new levels of frustration and desperation, bolstering the radicals on both sides in the sanctions/nuclear debacle and bringing us closer to military intervention with dire and unthinkable consequences. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is already spreading doubts about the utility of negotiating with Iran, arguing that Rouhani is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. …

The P5+1 countries need to offer a deal to help Rouhani’s administration domestically and strengthen its ability to deal with the radicals inside Iran. Squander the current opportunity, and they will weaken Rouhani’s administration to the extent that it could fail, paving the way for the ascension of extremists. It is now up to the moderates on both sides to deliver.

Amen. Previous coverage of possible US/Iran diplomacy here and here.