Ready For The Next Government Shutdown? Ctd

Collender sees little chance for compromise because the “budget fight isn’t really about the budget: It’s about ObamaCare”:

It’s one thing if the debate is just about coming up with a spending cap or deficit limit. If, for example, one side wants spending at $20 and the other wants $10, there should be some number between those two that eventually will make a deal possible. But what happens when, like now, the budget is the legislative vehicle but the real debate is over something else entirely?

What Cohn is hearing:

[A]ccording to a somebody who speaks with both the White House and Democratic leadership in Congress on a regular basis, even backroom talks have stopped. “The breakdown is more extensive than you’ve heard,” this person told me. “There is no discussion going on at all at this point.” I asked the source how this breakdown compares to the state of discussion prior to the other confrontations.

“Nobody knows how this will end,” the person said. “I’m not sure I remember a time when sides were as far apart as this.”

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