Roger Ailes’ Smithers

Mike Allen appears to have given up being Cheney’s stenographer and sycophant and become Roger Ailes’ instead. Unless I am reading it wrong, a guest-piece by Mike Allen on the new Fox News line-up is sitting uncomfortably in Dylan Byers’ blog at Politico. I say uncomfortably because Byers is an excellent media reporter and would never write sentences like the following:

Now live at 7PM/ET weeknights, On the Record will showcase the news Americans care about and explore how they impact our everyday lives. Van Susteren will bring viewers the latest facts through interviews with high profile newsmakers in her tough and fair signature style as well as on the scene reporting … Immediately following On the Record, The O’Reilly Factor (8-9PM/ET) will continue uncovering news items from the established wisdom, operating against the grain of more traditional interview style programs.  The number one cable news program since 2001, O’Reilly’s signature No Spin Zone cuts through the rhetoric as he challenges the players who make the story newsworthy …

I hope this is a press release and Allen just put his name on it by accident – and will subsequently remove it. That would be embarrassing enough. But the piece says “By Mike Allen”. Could it possibly be that Allen got an exclusive as long as he wrote a glowing essay parroting every one of Ailes’ often ludicrous public relations gems?

He can’t be that easily bought, can he? Or is he so far up Roger Ailes’ alimentary canal, he actually believes this ad copy he just wrote and thinks it’s journalism?