A Shutdown With A Silver Lining?

Beutler reckons that a shutdown could break the GOP’s fever:

Whether you’re Boehner or Harry Reid or President Obama, the argument for allowing a shutdown looks about the same. It’s perhaps the only way to persuade monomaniacal House Republicans that there’s a difference between negotiation and extortion — that if their extreme demands touch off a visible crisis like a government shutdown, everyone will know who’s at fault. That’d be great for Democrats for obvious reasons.

Bernstein throws cold water:

“Break the fever” was a bad idea when Barack Obama believed in it (or perhaps he just claimed to believe in it); it’s a bad idea now. The isn’t some easily-shattered illusion. It’s a very successful enterprise. It’s not something that a clever strategy can solve; it’s just part of what politicians have to work around and muddle through.