Malkin Award Nominee

Video edition:

Cohn recoils:

The ad doesn’t have a lot of hits yet and I’m reluctant to give it more attention. But it comes from Generation Opportunity, which appears to be a well-funded conservative group staffed by young people and based in Virginia. According to Chris Moody, of Yahoo News, the group is about to launch a 20-college tour in which they will try to persuade young people to “opt out” of Obamacare—i.e., to pay the financial penalty for uninsurance rather than take up coverage.

Bernstein suspects that this ad, and the other ad in this campaign, are really about raising money from Obamacare opponents:

These ads could not be better designed to do one thing: to get condemned by liberals. Thus impressing easily scammed conservative marks, who tend to really believe that if liberals hate something, it must be terrific and effective.