Stop Complaining About Gas Prices


Drivers in the US get a crazy good deal:

Americans pay around $450 a year in road charges, according to the data compiled by Gomez and Vassallo. That’s roughly three to four times less than drivers from other countries in the study. Once again, the key culprit is the gas tax. U.S. gas tax rates are up to 83 percent lower for gasoline cars and 81 percent lower for diesel cars compared to the same taxes paid in European nations. …

Ideas for improving the U.S. funding model vary. Some feel that taxing miles traveled is the way to go. Others suggest tolling every interstate in the country. Still others suggest we stick it out with a higher gas tax. What’s clear, in any scenario, is that American drivers will have to start paying more to drive – because whetholler the realize it or not, they’ve paid too little for too long.