Sharing The End Times

Tatiana Danger spotlights “the world’s largest doomsday timeshare,” an underground complex with room for 5,000 that bills itself as “an attraction for the entire family, both above and below ground”:

It’s a modern-day Noah’s ark for the nuclear generation. It will house thousands of DNA samples and withstand a 20-megaton nuclear blast. … The shelter is located 50 to 150 feet below the Missouri River bluffs in part of a former limestone mine known as the Atchison Storage Facility. This facility served as a secure bunker complex for the U.S. government since World War II up until 2013, when the company behind the Vivos Survival Shelter and Resort acquired a large portion of the 2.7-million-square-foot underground storage facility. The Vivos shelters will also come with their very own “Cryovaults” that will house “reproductive gamete cells and DNA of humans and animals for a potential re-population of the Earth.”

Of course, cryovaults and underground volleyball courts don’t come cheap. A spot at the Kansas-based facility will set you back $25,000.