Kristol Calls For Israel To Attack Iran – Soon

It’s a remarkable screed in the Weekly Standard, a reminder that behind the urbane, calm exterior that we saw on CNN the other night, there is a dangerous, radical extremist within. As the US and Iran show signs of rapprochement, as the chance for testing Rouhani’s sincerity emerges, Kristol urges Israel to scupper any potential deal by pre-emptively launching an attack. He starts with yet another Hitler analogy, accusing Obama of appeasement and Rouhani of deception. It’s 1938 for about the twentieth time in the last couple of decades. But this time, unlike the 1930s, there’s hope:

As Iran moves closer to nuclear weapons, undeterred by the West’s leading power, a 21st-century tragedy threatens to unfold. Unless. Unless a dramatis persona who didn’t exist in 1936 intervenes: Israel. Ariel Sharon once famously said that Israel would not play the role of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. Nor will it play the role of Poland. Despite imprecations from the Obama administration, Israel will act. One prays it will not be too late.

It is a strange course of events, heavy with historical irony, that has made the prime minister of Israel for now the leader of the West. But irony is better than tragedy.

This American is calling for a foreign government to ignore the American president and disrupt his foreign policy by an act of pre-emptive war. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And yet the shock still stings.