A Poem For Sunday


Here’s another selection from Wordsworth’s The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet’s Mind:

Ye Presences of Nature in the sky
And on the earth!  Ye Visions of the hills!
And Souls of lonely places!  can I think
A vulgar hope was yours when ye employed
Such ministry, when ye through many a year
Haunting me thus among my boyish sports,
On caves and trees, upon the woods and hills,
Impressed upon all forms the characters
Of danger or desire; and thus did make
The surface of the universal earth
With triumph and delight, with hope and fear,
Work like a sea?
Not uselessly employed,
Might I pursue this theme through every change
Of exercise and play, to which the year
Did summon us in his delightful round.

(Photo by Glen Bowman of northwest England’s Lake Country, where Wordsworth lived for much of his most productive years.)