The Tao Of Pinkman

Life is suffering:

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It’s even worse for Jesse’s girls. For more Breaking Bad Internet goodness, check out this ingenious mashup of the series with The Walking Dead. And find out what finally becomes of Huell. Meanwhile, a reader asks:

How did you feel about the final run of Breaking Bad? I know you’re a fan. I can’t be the only one to be wondering. Perhaps trivial considering everything else that’s going up, but we would love to know.

It felt calming to me. I confess that I found it close to impossible to want Walt to face his true-come-uppance. I wanted that ricin to be used the way it was; I wanted Jesse to escape the way he did. For me, Flynn is the tragic figure and Skyler the true complicated, compromised heroine of it all.  As for Hank? He lost me in his fanaticism toward the end. And Marie? May she live in her forever purple.

But like all great dramas, this one defied easy judgment. It remains one ghastly, murderous, prideful, greedy, needful mess.

I can think of only two words to express my final feelings: Kyrie Eleison.