The Best Of The Dish Today

You think I could resist that visual metaphor of the GOP and America right now? “House of Turds” indeed.

The day careened with the GOP-created crisis of the American polity. Boehner tried to change the subject; Obama kept up the pressure; a Republican congressman berated an unpaid Park Ranger for doing her job; and you told us your stories from the shutdown as it affected you.

I took some time to write a review of Breaking Bad’s political theory and the fatal flaw in Machiavelli’s worldview. Oh, and better airplane safety videos! Top post: The Nullification Party. Second? “We Must Not Negotiate With Economic Terrorists.

I also wanted to say a personal thanks to those of you who have subscribed this week. We knew you were out there and wanted this experiment in new media to succeed. And when real political fights loom, you come through for the site every time. We’re biased as well as, we hope, balanced. But we’re biased in fighting openly for what we believe in and not shying from the arena. And these next few months, I suspect, will be the truly critical ones for Obama’s legacy. We’re all in – and hope you are too.

This site has never been just about media; it’s been about America and the world and the chance to make things a little better. I make no apology for supporting this president broadly, while whacking his goofs and errors and misjudgments from time to time. I believe as firmly now as I did when I first saw him out there that this president matters, that his success is vital, and that the Dish can be a small but vibrant part of making it happen. So thank you for helping us. And if you haven’t yet, please [tinypass_offer text=”subscribe”]. It takes two minutes tops for just $19.99 a year or $1.99 a month. And you’re the only business model we’ve got.

See you in the morning.