The Best Of The Dish Today

First off, an email:

I’m having an immensely shitty day. My girlfriend and I aren’t speaking. I’m having trouble with 26.1my heart, both Romantically and Physiologically, and even some really good news from work hasn’t been enough to lighten my spirits and cheer me up.

Then I saw this, and had this wonderful vision of you sitting at home putting these little fellas on your fingers and waggling them about joyfully while making them argue about Oakeshott and Niebuhr and how crap JFK was at foreign policy, all in your “I’m Having Imperial Obama Hysterics Voice” (which I’ve invented out of whole cloth; I’ve never actually heard you Freak Out, but I’m sure it’s adorable), and I just laughed and laughed and was instantly cheered. For about 90 seconds.

Seriously, Imma buy you all of these for Boxing Day. Or whatever you British people do in December.

They’re L’il Beards and the one above is of Jim Henson. From Thistledown Puppets. I’m a lucky blogger.

The day was dominated by the lingering showdown on the Hill, as the House GOP continued to threaten to keep the government shut down and to destroy the US and global economy unless their agenda is substituted for existing law. I took note of how deeply alienated the GOP base now is – and how immune to any reason. We noted the awful technical roll-out of many healthcare exchanges (and the reasons for it) and the worryingly narrow divide in favor of constitutional government in the polls. Plus: a beautiful window view from France and a gorgeous time-lapse window view from Minnesota.

The most popular post? Why They’ll Die On This Hill. Second? The Nullification Party.

See you in the morning.