The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

Like many of you, I bet, I took cover this weekend, after a politically terrifying week. Except there is no cover, as today, Speaker Boehner insisted he’d keep the entire federal government shut down and default on the nation’s debt unless the president agreed to suspend universal healthcare and agree to some kind of entitlement reform with no new revenue. He seemed to think this was a routine kind of thing, rather than a completely unprecedented act of economic terrorism to subvert our system of government. But, hey, he’s not in charge is he? No one is.

Meanwhile, Bibi Netanyahu tried to reach out to Iran’s people – who all want a nuclear program – with his trademark charm. His money quote:

“If the people of Iran were free, they could wear jeans, listen to Western music and have free elections.”

For the general response, see above, and here. Does Netanyahu know that Iranians have Twitter? Or does he really believe it’s 1938 again?

Meanwhile, several gems from the weekend: this face; Oakeshott’s description of religion; why Kubrick is so much greater an artist than King (Aaron and I watched The Shining and Room 237 last night); the joy of poetry for children.

The most popular post? Why They’ll Die On This Hill, made more relevant by this chilling piece in the NYT. The second? The Nullification Party, amplified today by the great Colbert King.

See you in the morning.