Quote For The Day

“Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in the UN demonstrates that ensuring Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons is not his only goal. Netanyahu needs to make the Iranian publicly surrender, to beat them, to humiliate them. He wants to win big, to be a real man. And real men don’t only talk, real men shoot. Or at least threaten to shoot until the other side is begging, down on its knees. Netanyahu wants to see the other side on their knees. Not only Iran, but the Palestinians too … If Israel wants security, it needs to build trust with those who are our current enemies. Netanyahu cares far too much for our pride and honor and far too little for our safety. Mister Prime Minister, one doesn’t achieve peace or security with pride or honor. Peace and security are achieved through negotiations. It is time we give up victimhood and take responsibility for our safety and well-being. Time to support negotiations with Iran and to sign a peace and security agreement with the Palestinians,” – MK Merav Michaeli.