The Illogic Of The GOP’s Spin

Beutler observes that the GOP’s shutdown and debt ceiling strategies are at odds:

Once the Treasury can no longer borrow to finance deficits, it will have to arbitrarily slash spending on everything the government does — from defense, to social insurance, to medical research, and eventually to debt service.

The government currently borrows about 30 cents on every dollar, which means that irrespective of the impact on U.S. creditworthiness and global financial markets, the effects on these services will be enormous. … [T]he House has already attempted to force Treasury to prioritize interest payments to U.S. creditors — to “Pay China First,” as Democrats say — and benefits for Social Security recipients in the event of a breach. That effort failed. But if it had succeeded, it would mean everything else — all the things Republicans are rallying around right now — would take a harder hit if U.S. borrowing authority lapses this month.

The GOP’s current position thus boils down to to the laughable idea that nothing’s more important than reopening federal monuments, funding clinical trials, and spending money on veterans services for two weeks, until we breach the debt limit and they have to be shut down again.