Mental Health Break

A dog shows off his step-aerobics routine:

A YouTube commenter makes an all-too-true point:

Clearly, the owners are starving the dog so much he is literally jumping at his chance for survival… Just kidding. Every cute animal video on YouTube requires a ludicrous animal cruelty accusation that provokes a litany of replies, subsequently becoming the top comment and detracting from simple lovely moments in life like this.

On that note, here’s one of several disapproving emails regarding yesterday’s MHB:

Well, that otter video sure didn’t help my mental health at all.  It is a WILD ANIMAL.  One living in close proximity to people, and by a road, so sure, encourage it to do anything other than hide from people.  Actually, the fact that it was so willing to approach people already suggests something could well be wrong, which illuminates the particular stupidity of the “Did it bite you?”/”I think it bit me” exchange.  I hope if there was a bite, that the woman visited a doctor, because the otter sure as hell hasn’t. We have to keep wildlife wild.  Not use it for our entertainment.