Email Of The Day

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A reader writes:

I realised recently that this month marks 12 years of my daily visits to The Dish. I recall that you received a flood of toasts and roasts on your 10th anniversary, but I thought you might appreciate receiving another such email out of the blue.

I live in Hong Kong and in 2001, my brother, who lived in Manhattan at the time, posted me a printed copy of “This Is a Religious War.” I enjoyed it and so I googled you and I howler beaglefound your blog. I had no idea what a blog was at the time. I simply knew you posted little articles everyday and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Now 12 years later, I am still a daily visitor to The Dish. I am a paid [tinypass_offer text=”subscriber”] and bought several copies of “The View From Your Window” book. I have emailed you a handful of times over the years and you have replied a few times. I remember very early days (maybe late 2001) you posted a survey designed to profile your readers. When the results came in, you were so amazed that you had any regular readers! You didn’t know if anyone was really out there.

We have certainly had our share of one-sided arguments with me yelling at my monitor – but hey, we got through it and I have always appreciated your intellectual honesty. I actually remember when you began posting your readers’ “Dissent of the Day.” I was so impressed with the transparency that those posts offered as well as the confidence it suggested you had in your own positions. (By the way, the “Dissent of the Day” posted without rebuttal from you remains my favourite Dish feature.) Congratulations on all your success and thanks to you and your team for the thousands of thoughtful posts – and for the daily grind of hard work that went into each one.

You’re extremely welcome. It’s a staggeringly rewarding – and utterly exhausting – thing to write for some readers for 13 years straight every day. But the experience has been the most fascinating in my life. And now, I’ve managed to find the best team of researchers, writers, techies and under-bloggers out there, the burden is nothing like as great for me personally. This has become a true team effort, and it remains true that I’m in awe of all of my colleagues, who are also, inescapably at this point, among my best friends.

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