Canned Laughter Has Passed Its Expiration Date, Ctd

A reader sends the above video:

Someone hates “The Big Bang Theory” so much that they used this clip from Annie Hall and superimposed the image from the show onto the TV monitor.

Another reader:

There is a good point to be made here, but this article seems to use the term “laugh track” like it is solely some artificial thing added in post-production, rather than the fact that the shows mentioned are taped in front of a live, laughing audience. And the shows deemed less “reliant” on laugh tracks, aka single-camera shows, are actually not taped in front of an audience. So, yes, shows taped before an audience include the audio of the audience, and shows without audiences can’t and, therefore, don’t. Whether we need these cues anymore is something to ponder, but this lazy oversight kills any broader point.

Here is a site where you can get tickets to show tapings. Notice all the shows mentioned that add canned laughter in post-production are all taped before live audiences. All the others mentioned that don’t, aren’t taped with an audience.


I went to a friend’s sitcom taping a few weeks ago, actually next door to “Big Bang”. The audience was awful, and they’re reason sitcoms are as well. They have been conditioned by years of watching sitcoms to laugh at every line. Every single line. No matter what it is. The warmup guy told them in the beginning that it’s critical to laugh outwardly, but they would have done it anyway. Seeing these people truly belly-laugh at almost nothing was one of the weirdest things I’ve seen.