The Best Of The Dish Today


We were, of course, consumed by the politics at the edge of the fiscal and economic precipice. My attempt at a zoom-out on the broader cultural and social forces behind this impasse – The Tea Party As A Religion – is here. A former friend of Ted Cruz told us of his past character and actions. I noted the consequences of epistemic closure on the far right, which is now basically synonymous with the right. The anti-incumbent mood reached historic highs, as Brit Hume rationalized the irrational and Ann Coulter betrayed a gob-smacking lack of self-awareness.

Meanwhile, talks with Iran got off to a positive start:

“I have been doing this now for two years and I have never had such intense, detailed, straight-forward, candid conversations with the Iran delegation before,” the American official said. “The discussions took place in English…the pace of discussions was much better. It creates the ability to have a back and forth.”

“There are [still] serious differences.” the U.S. official said, adding if there weren’t, “it would have been resolved” long ago. We “got more today than we have ever gotten before, but there’s still a whole lot more we have to get.”

The news on Obamacare, alas, remained unforgivably grim. The faith Americans have in their own government must be hitting all-time lows. Certainly the rest of the world sees us as a banana republic. And they’re thisclose to being right.

The most popular post of the day was The Tea Party As A Religion. The runner-up? What Moderate Republicans?, Ctd.

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