How The House GOP Vote Breaks Down

House Vote

Nate Cohn provides details:

[R]ed state and Southern representatives voted overwhelmingly against the Senate compromise: 27-91 in the redstates, 25-88 among Southern representatives. Republicans from the Northeast and Pacific voted “yes” by 30-16 margin; the blue states voted “yes,” 32-17. But compared to the fiscal cliff vote, the GOP might be even more cleanly divided along lines of vulnerability and ideology. Republicans from more competitive districts, with a Cook PVI of R+2 or more Democratic, voted almost unanimously for the Senate compromise.

Kilgore adds:

[A]ny way you slice it, the majority of the [Republican] Conference voted to continue a government shutdown and a debt limit threat that were not working very well for the GOP or for the country.

Yes, it gets worse. Surveying the far right this morning, much worse.