The Best Of The Dish Today

Upper Ojai-CA-720am

We asked whether the default debacle had wounded the GOP badly enough. I hoped so. I made a way-too-early judgment about Chris Christie’s chances of becoming president in 2017. We noted the fact that the liberal blogosphere was not spinning away the failure of the way the rightwing blogosphere refused to see the errors in Iraq until it was way too late. One Republican Senator bemoaned the GOP’s current unfitness for any actual, you know, government. And we found out why male bugs bugger each other – because of epistemic closure.

I celebrated the life and spirit of Mother Antonia of La Mesa prison in Tijuana, Mexico, and made a case for the centrality of women in the future of Catholicism. We all celebrated the astonishing new majority – 58 – 39 – for legalizing a drug the US government still insanely argues is as dangerous as any substance we know of. And you’ve never seen a dog shake like this, or a cuter baby platypus.

The most popular post of the day remained Jesus Wasn’t A Republican. The second? Just How Badly Did The GOP Lose The Shutdown?

The window view above is from Upper Ojai, California, at 7.20 am. One final reader email that made my day:

I finally became a subscriber today, after months of ambivalence. I have no particular interest in religious matters, grand bargains, or matters of facial hair. But your unequivocal characterization of Cheney as a war criminal on CNN compelled me to support you financially. If you continue to do for the prosecution of war crimes (including the crime of “looking forward, not backward”) what you’ve done for gay marriage, then I’ll multiply my contribution ten fold over the next couple of years – and tell my friends to do the same.

I will continue to campaign for full awareness of the war crimes of Dick Cheney and for accountability – including from those in the current administration – yes, I’m talking to you, Mr Brennan – who continue to aid and abet the denial. And, as you might have noticed on some other topics, I tend not to give up. You can support that effort quite simply: by [tinypass_offer text=”subscribing here”].

See you in the morning.