History Of The Drum Kit

From the guys behind the history of the guitar solo:

Back in July, Asawin Suebsaeng and Tim McDonnell profiled the creators, a musical comedy group called CDZA:

Together, the new friends came up with the idea to create viral videos starring Juilliard-trained musicians, local rock and jazz artists, Broadway singers, and sketch comedians—done in a single Steadicam shot. “Our creative process looks like us sitting in an apartment, saying, ‘This would be funny, this would be cool,'” [Michael] Thurber explains. “And then we begin to divide and conquer.” [Joe] Sabia and [Matt] McCorkle work out the lighting, sound, choreography, and cinematography (with input from ace cameraman Kyle Fasanella), and Thurber hires the performers. They are “all in their 20s, and they’re phenomenal,” Sabia gushes. “They’re already playing Carnegie Hall, already on Broadway. They’re at the top of their game, and we get to have them all in one place before they really make it big.”